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Savoy Brown: English Blues Rock Royalty

Few bands can claim the prolific impact of Savoy Brown. Not only were they pioneers of the English blues rock movement, but their rotating cast of members went on to both found and join several of the most influential rock bands of all time.

Savoy Brown was founded in 1965 out of London. Melding English psychedelia with Chicago-style blues, they were one of the only bands Decca Records clung to as their catalog fell apart in the late 60's. Shortly after their 1970 release "Looking In", 3 members of the band split off to form Foghat. Throughout their time, Savoy Brown would see members from Yes, Fleetwood Mac, and even Cactus.

Heavy, trippy and unabashedly bluesy, 1972's "Hellbound Train" was their breakthrough hit, and to this day remains a must-have album in the collection of any blues rock fan.

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