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Wand: Psychedelic LA Weirdos for the Modern Age

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

If you live on the West Coast and frequent small indie venues, at one point or another you've probably seen Wand's name on a show flyer. Formed in 2013, this 5-piece has taken the indie underground by storm. They were picked up by Ty Segall’s label God?, and released their debut album “Ganglion Reef” in 2014, touring with Segall shortly afterwards. 5 albums in and they’re no longer a secret - notably playing a Vice-sponsored showcase in London.

Equal parts garage rock, folk and raw psychedelia, they’re a contemporary indie punk’s dream come true. They touch on elements reminiscent of bands such as Canada’s full-on psychedelic renaissance,Tarot, but have a heavy proto-sludge, dream prog feel that could be likened to something like Tame Impala.

Almost indescribable, Wand is a musically-dynamic spectacle - and absolutely killer.

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